From the submission several are selected for the presentation in the hotel.Every artist whose artwork has been selected receives an expense allowance of 250 €. Additionally three artists will be recognized with the art prizes.


1. Prize: 2000 €

2. Prize: 1500 €

3. Prize: 1000 €

Every selected artist (+1) is invited to spend one night in the hotel.

Members of the jury

  • Hubertus Engler (Aufsichtsrat DIVAG)
  • Sebastian Fissenewert (General Manager Comfort Hotel Monheim am Rhein)
  • Klaus Sporer (Dipl. Ing Architekt; Interior architect)
  • Daniel Zimmermann (Mayor of Monheim)

Prize ceremony

In December 2017, a presentation of the selected artworks will take place in the newly opened Comfort Hotel Monheim will take place. The exact date will be communicated via the website.



1st place: Torsten Wolber
2nd place: Ute Bivona
3rd place: Philipp Keidler